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  • janniks


    engineering joy / curious mind / organizing meetups @webundspeck / typos are mine

  • Vector DAO

    Vector DAO

    A collective of designers in crypto on a mission to increase the mainstream adoption of crypto protocols through design and investment.

  • David Kaneda

    David Kaneda

    Founder of Cosy & co-founder atSpoke. Working to improve corporate software everywhere.

  • seen.haus



  • Beam


    A new way to collect your thoughts and experience the internet

  • Dan Norris

    Dan Norris

    Entrepreneur, author & international speaker. Co-founder @blackhopsbeer author of #7daystartup & 3 other best sellers. http://dannorris.me/

  • Lazar Glumac

    Lazar Glumac

  • H Locke

    H Locke

    UX person @Ogilvy. (Opinions mine, not theirs etc.). I design things and I study humans. 100+ articles on Medium — https://medium.com/@h_locke/lists

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