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Julian Paul
Writing on building products, branding and acquiring a growth mindset |

Have you ever thought about your flow state? How you get into it? And even more importantly — why you get thrown out of it?

These kind of questions are the ones I pondered over when exploring how and why I was in a consistent flow state for over 2…

Potential customers gather to solve their own problems on social networks every day. Here is how to discover unconventional opportunities.

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You want to start something.

But don’t know where to begin.

And whether people need what you envision.

Well. You’re definitely at the right address. Let’s explore how social media platforms are an endless source of business ideas.

If you are anything like me, you are constantly looking to…


Learn how to leverage your knowledge to create passive income from Notion templates and dashboards. Launch your side-hustle with HUSTLE OS

HUSTLE OS Box Design

I do everything in Notion… organizing my personal life, planning my professional life, and tracking my overall progress. I created a digital product at the intersection of my skills in the following three ways:

  1. What interests me: structure and optimization of my personal and professional.
  2. What interests my audience: progress…

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I wrote this article in 10 minutes.

Let’s begin with my favorite definition of innovation:

An innovation is a feasible relevant offering such as a product, service, process or experience with a viable business model that is perceived as new and is adopted by customers. — Gijs Van Wulfen


A proven 3-step approach to personal branding

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Recently I took the Marketing New Realities and the Personal Brand class by the great Mark Schaefer as part of my MSc High Tech Entrepreneurship at Harbour.Space University. There were many brilliant concepts covered. …

A critical look at how to form the right questions

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Have you ever sat in a lecture, a seminar, an online course or any public presentation and witnessed someone in the audience ask a question that just made you gaze downwards and shake your head? Sometimes with even more extreme reactions such as allowing your face to fall into your…

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Recently, I’ve stumbled across multiple different conversations that put me face to face with an interesting question…

What determines the creativity in a human?

I am sure, if you are creative — or not, you have come across a situation where you are left wondering what really defines creativity in…


Over the course of 2020, I have exposed myself to countless situations during which I am required to present, pitch businesses and absolve stand-ups. And I have gathered quite the experience:

  1. Currently, I am studying at both Hyper Island and Harbour.Space University at the same time. Both of these amazingly…

From StartupGuide LinkedIn

In August 2020 year I was approached by the Startup Guide to Project Manage their upcoming Startup Guide Germany Project, which is a larger version of what is usually a localised approach to cover cities. …

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Recently, I took a step back from the busyness of rushing to work every morning, only to return back home and continue to hustle on my side projects. At times my days feel like a hamster wheel of never-ending progress, disappointment and varying degrees of success.

But within all of…

Julian Paul

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