Julian Paul
Writing on building products, branding and acquiring a growth mindset | https://julianpaul.me

Principles to master growing your HUSTLE from idea to business. Carefully researched and curated with (re)sources for deeper study.

The beginning.

We’ve all been there. And looking back, we usually come to the same conclusion: “I wish I would’ve known…” — call it wisdom or insight. We only ever come to profound realizations after the fact.

And whether you want to call these realizations principles, values, or even commandments…

Potential customers gather to solve their own problems on social networks every day. Here is how to discover unconventional opportunities.


You want to start something.

But don’t know where to begin.

And whether people need what you envision.

Well. You’re definitely at the right address. Let’s explore how social media platforms are an endless source of business ideas.

If you are anything like me, you are constantly looking to…


Learn how to leverage your knowledge to create passive income from Notion templates and dashboards. Launch your side-hustle with HUSTLE OS

I do everything in Notion… organizing my personal life, planning my professional life, and tracking my overall progress. I created a digital product at the intersection of my skills in the following three ways:

  1. What interests me: structure and optimization of my personal and professional.
  2. What interests my audience: progress…

A critical look at how to form the right questions

Have you ever sat in a lecture, a seminar, an online course or any public presentation and witnessed someone in the audience ask a question that just made you gaze downwards and shake your head? Sometimes with even more extreme reactions such as allowing your face to fall into your…

Julian Paul

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